Breakfasts hampers make great crumble

Apple Crumble - Breakfast hamper

We’re biased over here I know, but the reason our hampers are so great is because they’re filled with full sized products, which means if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen like I do, then you can get creative.

Take our breakfast hamper for example, now despite breakfast being my favourite meal of the day…porridge, pancakes, waffles, granola, fry ups, I can keep going if you like, you can actually use many of the products to knock up other delicious goodies that can be enjoyed any time of the day.

I know some of you are still clinging on to Summer, but I’m declaring it officially Autumn in the UK, children are back at school, leaves are changing colour, there’s a definite whiff of pumpkin spice in the air (I may have made that one up) and our apple tree is bursting with fruit.  So I collected a basket full of juicy apples, and spent some time deliberating over what to do with this first batch.  The deliberating was unnecessary though, because as with every year, it’s crumble, it’s always crumble for that first harvest.  Everyone loves crumble, they’re simple to make, perfect for post Sunday roast, and with this recipe, I reckon you can have a portion for breakfast too…guilt free!

I tweaked a Deliciously Ella’s recipe to knock this up, and all I needed was basic store cupboard ingredients, or half of a Seventeen and Green breakfast hamper if you please.

Now if you fancy making this yourself, the official recipe uses 200g of almonds, I only had 100g available so substituted the rest with oats, but I reckon you could also use some of the Lakeland Mues or Munchy Seeds to pad it out, and they’d both make a delicious crunchy topping…I’ll definitely be giving that a go next time.

I must admit, I LOVE seeing peoples bakes on social media, so if you decide to give this a go, then please tag @seventeenandgreen in your posts, as I’d to see your version too, and if you make any recipe amends then let me know…as any excuse to get that oven on, and start stewing another load of apples then I’m there!

Happy baking!


Apples in tree

Apple Crumble - Breakfast hamper

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