Fake It and Bake It


You’ve decided to eat a bit healthier, adopt that balanced diet approach, but still got that sweet tooth? We know exactly how you feel, so we’ve come to the rescue with our easy baking kit.  All our favourite ready mixes which means you can whip up a delicious treat in a matter of minutes, and you can impress all your friends by saying you made it yourself.  From protein pancakes for breakfast, energy bars to snack on throughout the day and brownies, cookies and banana bread for dessert, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll need a couple of store cupboard essentials to whip most of these up, but for those harder to find more unusual items, we’ve added those too so you can get baking whenever you want, without a mad dash to the supermarket.



Our Baking Hamper includes:

  • Superfood Bakery Bliss Balls – 168g
  • Superfood Bakery Spirit Lifter Cookies – 245g
  • Creative Nature Organic Chia and Cacao Brownie Mix – 400g
  • Boutique Bake Oat and Seed Energy Bars Mix – 360g
  • Boutique Bake Protein Pancake Mix – 290g
  • Creative Nature Wholegrain Banana Bread mix – 250g
  • Vita Coco Coconut Oil – 250ml
  • Meridian Organic Agave Syrup – 250ml

Some of the products may differ ever so slightly than those listed in the photo, but only by flavour, all sizes, number of products and brands will remain the same, and think of it as a bonus…you may get to try something you’d never considered before, and fall in love with it!

Many of the products in this box are gluten free and/or vegetarian or vegan, if you would like a version which is completely in line with your dietary requirements, drop us an email and I’m sure we can create something just for you.

Delivery info


We aim to process all of our orders within 5 working days, standard delivery for The Baking hamper is FREE (yes really), however if you do want your hamper in a rush then it\'s £3.95 and it will be delivered within 1-2 working days.


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