We’ve launched….

Packaged Hamper

It’s the 14th August and today we shipped our first food hamper, off to some special person as a 30th birthday present.  This venture has been a bit of a pipe dream for a while, but in January of this year we decided we were going to make it happen.

Our April launch date didn’t quite go to plan, it turns out working full time, trying to build a website, set up spreadsheets to work out all your costs, spend time sampling products (a hard task) and still carry on with normal life isn’t all that easy.  But 3 months later than initially planned, here we are, and boxing up our first hamper genuinely filled me with pride, we’ve made it, and we’ve probably completely underestimated how much tissue paper, bubble wrap, and packing material we’re going to need.  We’re definitely going to need to buy a tape dispenser, and resisting the temptation to eat half our stock every time we open the cupboard doors all comes with running a business.

We’re pretty passionate about health and fitness over here at Seventeen and Green HQ, and we wanted to create these hampers to help spread the word about fantastic produce, food that’s tasty but will help fuel you properly too.  And yes while we can’t always resist the lure of a big slab of chocolate cake, or a great juicy burger we know how to enjoy our food but maintain that word everyone is throwing around these days, ‘balance’.  We can start our day with a hearty bowl of porridge, snack on homemade energy bars and in the evening relax with a bar of pure indulgent dark chocolate but we get up every day and we move, even if it’s just a twenty minute walk on our lunchbreaks, stepping away from your desks and getting some fresh air can work miracles.  And when it comes to the weekend, we’ll take that one step further, getting out into the Lake District to make the most of what we have on our doorstep, or making time for our favourite class at the gym.

We’re hoping these hampers will give our customers the opportunity to discover products they may never have heard of, or try things they’ve seen before but never actually bought.  To open the lid, and get excited about all the things it’s filled with, to create new recipes (keep checking back here as we’ll be posting some of our favourites) or to share with friends.  We want our hampers to be the perfect gift for that friend who is training for a marathon, the sister whose recently started a plant-based diet and is struggling to know what to eat, or for the Cumbrian that is missing home… we lived away for 10 years, we get that!

So here we are, we’ve finally launched, we know they’ll be a few teething problems along the way, but we’re excited, and hope you are too.

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